All Bridal shoes and Garters shown are custom made. The items shown were either worn by a bride or by her bridal party.
Each pair is unique and made to specific individual requirements. Bridal shoes are available in all shoe sizes.
When ordering your own special pair you can use the examples as a guide, or let your creativity run wild to truly create your own one of a kind pair. Please note that when ordering a custom made pair, it will take longer to produce and deliver.
For the Bridal shoes, you can choose between flat or a heel of 1/2/3 cm.

OPTION – CUSTOM MADE ORDER is specifically for Brides who would like to create their own shoes (to match your wedding dress or even for the Bridal party to match the Wedding theme), you can choose from shoe sizes up to UK size 7 and bigger sizes (from UK size 8 and up) with a moderate (for example lace in the front and a bit on the side and with or without ribbon) and a lot of detail (for example most of the shoe covered in lace).

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